If you want to post some code it’s hard to do because…well…it tries to be run as code! This makes it easy to paste code to share on your site/blog.

<span><em>Some Code Here!</em></span>
[code]<span><em>Some Code Here!</em></span>[/code]


This will mean that anything inside this shortcode will NOT show in the page itself, it can just remain as a note for in the page editor.

[comment]note to self: get a new image for this part[/comment]

Admin Note

This will mean that anything inside this shortcode will only show on the page for people logged into the website as an admin (i.e. you).

[admin_note]remember to update this page when winter/summer hours change![/admin_note]

Encoded Email

Putting your email address on your webpage can be helpful. But it also makes it available to spammers scraping the web for email addresses. So use this shortcode to help protect your email but still have it show on the page.


Raw Tags

Want to make sure wordpress doesn’t try to autoformat anything? Use raw tags! Keep in mind some shortcodes utilize raw tags within themselves to make sure wp doesn’t try to autoformat certain things. So raw tags inside raw tags obviously would mean it wouldn’t work as intended…so don’t use raw tags within other shortcodes if you can help it!

[raw]<span><em>Don't format this, let the HTML render as I typed it!</em></span>[/raw]

Custom Column

The column widths we give you not enough? Need a bit more control? Use the custom column shortcode! It is used the exact same as other column shortcodes, but you include a “width” attribute to define the pixel width of it.

[custom_column width="100"]Your column content here![/custom_column]

Code Tables

Want to know how to do the slick code tables we use for our shortcode examples? Code_table shortcodes! For each line define a code_line and use blank_code_line to make blank line spaces.

[code_line]This is some text![/code_line]
[code_line][h3]Another Title[/h3][/code_line]
[code_line]This is some more text![/code_line]
This is some text!
[h3]Another Title[/h3]
This is some more text!