MailChimp & Paypal

MailChimp Subscribe

To have a mailing list signup all you need is a MailChimp account (free!). Then you’ll be able to use the mailchimp subscribe shortcode to build a list. And the shortcode just puts out the field for the user’s email and the submit button, so that you can use your own shortcodes/images/text above for a custom look!

[mailchimp_subscribe list="list-id-here"]

PayPal Donation Button

Easily accept PayPal donations. This shortcode gives you a quick and simple way to add a donation button, but at the same time gives abilities for you to use your own custom button graphics for that custom look.

[paypal_donate_button email="your@email.address"]

Credit Card Icons

For any situation where dealing with business, it’s helpful to be able to show how you can accept payment. These easy to insert icons come in handy for exactly that, and cover almost all standard forms.

[credit_card_group align="left"]


Formatted prices are easier to read, make for quicker price recognition, and give a professional look. We offer shortcodes that give you that nicely formatted price in 3 different sizes (including ability to change the currency sign!)




[large_price currency="$"]53.20[/large_price]
[medium_price currency="$"]53.20[/medium_price]
[small_price currency="$"]53.20[/small_price]